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We believe in the power of astrology to illuminate the mysteries of destiny. Dive into the cosmic depths and uncover the secrets that shape your journey.


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Embark on a cosmic voyage with Call My Astro. Our seasoned stargazers, armed with decades of astrological wisdom, offer bespoke services like natal chart readings and personalized horoscopes. Let us unveil the mysteries of the universe and illuminate your path with celestial magic.

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General consultation

Explore the depths of your astrological chart with our general consultations. Our experienced astrologers provide personalized insights into your unique cosmic blueprint, offering guidance on various aspects of life.

Personal life advice

Navigate life’s twists and turns with personalized advice from our astrologers. Gain clarity on relationships, family matters, and personal growth, empowering you to make informed decisions and embrace your journey.

Health & Wellness

Harness the power of astrology for your well-being. Receive personalized health guidance and remedies to enhance physical, mental, and emotional balance through expert astrological insights.

Work, career, finance

Unlock the secrets to success in your professional life with astrological guidance. From career path exploration to financial planning, our astrologers offer strategic insights and actionable advice to help you thrive in the workplace.

Forecast of future events

Gain foresight into future events and trends with our astrological forecasts. Whether you’re anticipating major life changes or seeking guidance on upcoming opportunities, we provide clarity and perspective to help you navigate the cosmic currents.

Current life situation

Find clarity and direction in your life situations with astrological insights. Our astrologers analyze your chart to provide guidance and support, helping you understand the dynamics at play and make empowered choices for your future.

Other services

Tarot consultations on various topics

Unlock life’s mysteries with tarot consultations at Call My Astro. Our expert readers provide profound insights into love, career, spirituality, and more. Let the ancient wisdom of the tarot illuminate your path and empower you to make informed decisions. Book your consultation today and discover what the cards hold for you.








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Special Offer:

Enhance the accuracy of your predictions by adding up to 4 natal charts of your loved ones to your readings for just ₹1,200 each.

Note: The addition of natal charts does not provide in-depth readings of the added charts; they are used to enhance the accuracy of the primary subscription holder’s readings about those particular natal charts.

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“I’ve had such a positive experience with CallMyAstro. The consultations are insightful and the astrologers are really knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”

Priya Gupta

“The subscription plans are great value for money. I use the premium plan and the detailed analysis helps me plan better for my future.”

Amit Singh
New Delhi

“Excellent customer service and very user-friendly app. The Sage Section is my go-to for daily spiritual guidance.”

Deepa Mehta