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At CallMyAstro, we blend the mystique of astrology with the precision of modern technology to empower you with actionable and personalized spiritual insights. Co-founded by business strategist Sanhit Jain and acclaimed astrologer Sandeep Bhargava, our platform is designed to democratize access to astrological and spiritual guidance, ensuring that every individual can find the clarity they need to make life’s big decisions.

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Unlock the full potential of astrological guidance with our specially designed subscription plans. Each plan is crafted to cater to different needs and provide comprehensive solutions for your astrological queries.

Real-Time Consultations: Engage with experienced astrologers via chat, call, or video to discuss your unique life questions.

Sage Section: Dive into daily posts and stories filled with wisdom for holistic living and spiritual well-being.

E-Puja Services: Conduct virtual rituals and ceremonies with our guided e-Puja feature, bringing the temple to your home.

Astro-Shop: Our curated e-commerce platform where you can find specially selected items to enhance your spiritual journey.

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Special Offer:

Enhance the accuracy of your predictions by adding up to 4 natal charts of your loved ones to your readings for just ₹1,200 each.

Note: The addition of natal charts does not provide in-depth readings of the added charts; they are used to enhance the accuracy of the primary subscription holder’s readings about those particular natal charts.

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“I’ve had such a positive experience with CallMyAstro. The consultations are insightful and the astrologers are really knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”

Priya Gupta

“The subscription plans are great value for money. I use the premium plan and the detailed analysis helps me plan better for my future.”

Amit Singh
New Delhi

“Excellent customer service and very user-friendly app. The Sage Section is my go-to for daily spiritual guidance.”

Deepa Mehta