Psychic skills have fascinated humanity for centuries, offering glimpses into the unseen and the unknown. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, tuning into your psychic abilities can be an enlightening experience. But how do you assess your psychic skills on any given day? Let’s explore some methods and signs to help you gauge your psychic prowess today.

Understanding Psychic Skills

Psychic skills encompass a range of abilities, including intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition. These skills allow individuals to perceive information beyond the ordinary senses, tapping into a deeper layer of consciousness. Everyone possesses psychic potential, but the degree and manifestation of these abilities can vary.

Signs of Heightened Psychic Skills

  1. Strong Intuitive Feelings: One of the primary indicators of heightened psychic skills is a strong intuitive sense. You might find yourself knowing things without logical explanations or having gut feelings that prove accurate.
  2. Vivid Dreams: Pay attention to your dreams. If they are unusually vivid or contain clear messages, your psychic abilities might be particularly active. Dreams can serve as a conduit for psychic information.
  3. Increased Sensitivity: Heightened sensitivity to your surroundings, including people’s emotions and energies, can signal active psychic skills. You might feel more empathetic or pick up on subtle cues that others miss.
  4. Frequent Déjà Vu: Experiencing déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve lived a moment before, can be a sign of precognitive abilities. It suggests a strong connection to your subconscious and a heightened psychic state.
  5. Unexplained Knowledge: If you find yourself knowing facts or details without having learned them through conventional means, this could be a manifestation of claircognizance, a type of psychic knowing.

Methods to Assess Your Psychic Skills

  1. Meditation: Start your day with meditation to tune into your psychic abilities. Focus on clearing your mind and listening to any intuitive messages that come through. This practice can help you gauge the clarity and strength of your psychic senses.
  2. Journaling: Keep a psychic journal to record your intuitive impressions, dreams, and any psychic experiences. Reviewing your entries can reveal patterns and provide insight into the current state of your psychic skills.
  3. Card Readings: Use tarot or oracle cards to check in with your intuition. Draw a card and interpret its meaning without looking up definitions, relying on your intuitive understanding. This exercise can help you assess the accuracy and clarity of your psychic insights.
  4. Energy Scanning: Practice scanning the energy of your environment or people you encounter. Pay attention to any shifts in your own energy and any impressions you receive. This can help you evaluate your sensitivity and attunement to subtle energies.
  5. Psychic Exercises: Engage in exercises designed to strengthen your psychic abilities, such as remote viewing or telepathy practices. Test your skills by focusing on a distant location or trying to send a thought to a friend. Assess your success to understand your current psychic state.

Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities

If you find that your psychic skills are not as sharp today, there are several ways to enhance them:

  1. Practice Regularly: Like any skill, regular practice is essential for developing psychic abilities. Set aside time each day for psychic exercises and meditation.
  2. Stay Grounded: Grounding techniques, such as spending time in nature or practicing mindfulness, can help you stay connected to the present moment and enhance your psychic clarity.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep. A balanced body and mind are crucial for optimal psychic functioning.
  4. Learn and Explore: Study different aspects of psychic phenomena and experiment with various techniques. The more you learn, the more tools you have to develop your abilities.
  5. Trust Yourself: Confidence in your abilities is key. Trust your intuition and psychic impressions, even if they don’t always make immediate sense. Over time, you’ll learn to distinguish between genuine psychic insights and everyday thoughts.


Your psychic skills can fluctuate daily, influenced by various factors including your mental state, environment, and physical well-being. By paying attention to the signs of heightened psychic abilities and regularly practicing assessment methods, you can better understand and enhance your psychic skills. Embrace the journey of discovering your psychic potential and enjoy the insights it brings to your life.

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